Crossing the Boundaries 2012, Icons: Art History Undergraduate Panel

Annual Graduate Art History Conference

Co-sponsored by the Art History Graduate Student Association and The Medieval and Early Modern Society

Undergraduate Art History Panel

                             Friday, April 13 at 12:00, Fine Arts 212                            

Presenters and Talk Titles: 

Katerina Acuna, “Message of God, Image of War in Sandow Birk’s American Qur’an”

Maria Salva, “Constructing the Modern Iconic Monarch: Ideology and Performance in Pahlavi Iran”

Eric Wuu, “You’re Dead Meat: The Art of Gordon Matta-Clark”

Please join us in hearing the work of three of Binghamton University’s own Art History undergraduate majors. The panel members will each present 10-15minute papers followed by a question and answer session.

                                      Free Lunch will be provided!              


Crossing the Boundaries 2012, ICONS: Abstracts

10:20-11:40am         Panel One

“Papal Archeology and the Catacombs: Early Christian Shrines and the Modern Italian State”

Natalie Espino, Binghamton University Department of History

During the second half of the nineteenth century, liberalism, revolution, and nation-state building challenged the spiritual authority, political power and historical prestige of the Roman Catholic Church. New ruling systems called into question the temporal sovereignty and political privileges of the clergy in general, and the papacy above all. For Italy in particular, the papacy and its temporal dominions represented the final obstacle to the unification of the peninsula and the establishment of a new capital at Rome. For the Catholic leadership, clashes with modern secular powers evoked the accounts of the ancient Roman state’s persecution of the early church. This paper examines the birth of modern Christian archaeology within this context of the nineteenth-century church-state crisis during the Italian Risorgimento. Papal-sponsored exploration of the early Christian Catacombs took place within the larger program of artistic and spiritual revival that commemorated the early Christian communities in Rome, their persecution by the Roman state, and their eventual triumph over paganism.

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Conference Schedule

Friday, 13 April 2012

12:00pm     Undergraduate Panel

4:00-5:00pm             Welcome Reception/Artist Talk

The Elsie B. Rosefsky Gallery, Binghamton University

“Map Icons: Contemporary Religious Images”

Leila Daw, Artist, Massachusetts College of Art

5:15-5:30pm             Opening Remarks

                                    Fine Arts 258

5:45-7:00pm             Keynote Address

“Exhibiting Asco”

C. Ondine Chavoya, Associate Professor of Art, Williams College

7:00-9:00pm             Dinner

Terra Cotta Catering, 81 State Street, Binghamton, New York

Saturday, 14 April 2012

9:00-10:00am           Breakfast

Fine Arts Grand Corridor

10:00-10:15am         Opening Remarks

10:20-11:40am         Panel One: “Displaying Authority, Inventing Political Legitimacy” 

“Papal Archeology and the Catacombs: Early Christian Shrines and the Modern Italian State”

Natalie Espino, Binghamton University

“Bernal Díaz, Hernán Cortes, and Our Lady of the Conquest”

Kate E. Holohan, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

“Making a National Icon: Minjung, Olympic, Museum, and Nam June Paik”

Yuri Chang, Binghamton University

11:40-12:00pm        Break

12:00-1:20pm           Panel Two: “(Not) Like a Virgin: Contemporary Relics, Sacred Themes and Spiritual Objects”

“Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Sweet Ceremony”

Melissa Fitzmaurice, Binghamton University

“The Vulgar Symbol: The Iconography of Léger’s Virgin of the Litany

Emily Leonardo, Hunter College

“Virgin Time”

Josh Franco, Binghamton University

1:20-2:40pm             Lunch

2:40-4:00pm             Panel Three: “Conversing with Icons: How Icons Obtain Ideology and Culture”

“Lapses in Memory: Icons, Memorials and the History of Slavery in the American Imaginary”

Tiffany Barber, University of Rochester

“Bayeux Tapestry: Icon of Conquest”

Heather Allen, Binghamton University

“The Reclining Pregnant Woman on Tour”

Valerie Garlick, University of Connecticut

Title TBA

Maria Chaves, Binghamton University

4:00-4:30pm             Break

4:30-5:45pm             Keynote Address

Barbara Abou-El-Haj, Associate Professor, Binghamton University

7:00pm                      Closing Reception

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