Keynote Spotlight: Dr. Edward Eigen

Ed-EigenFriday, March 16th, 5:15pm in the Binghamton University Art Museum in the Fine Arts Building

Dr. Edward Eigen, Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Harvard University School of Design, will present his keynote address:

On Accident: Episodes in Architecture and Landscape

Taking inspiration from fellow astronomer Pierre-Simon de Laplace, who once imagined a preternatural “Intelligence” that could determine the past and future course of things from their present configuration, Camille Flammarion applied a “calculus of probabilities” to the hiatus between what is observable and what is explainable. And just as science is, in Laplace’s well-advised words, “so far from knowing all the agencies in nature,” so too the historian makes do with fractured knowledge: anecdotes, traces, fragile impressions, acts of partial witness. The best she can do is to arrange narratives into an understandable plot, since the probable is a characteristic of plot itself. Should we be troubled, then, by the chancy nature—the caprices—of such forms of fractured knowledge? Or is it their threatening allure that breathes desire into the present project of history, rather than a melancholic or nostalgic fixation on the past? This talk will take up the charge of incomplete knowledge; “the fault . . . is not in our stars.”

Based on themes and issues from his new book, On Accident: Episodes in Architecture and Landscape.

Open to the Public.  All are Welcome.


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