Crossing the Boundaries 2013: Call for Papers

April 26-27th, 2013
Binghamton University
A multidisciplinary, multivocal academic conference with a global geographic and broad temporal reach, presented by the Art History Graduate Student Union

Keynote Speakers:
Ariella Azoulay, Brown University
Julia Walker, Binghamton University

DIS/PLACE: To remove or shift from its place; to put out of the proper or usual place; to remove from a position, dignity, or office; to remove, banish; to oust (something) from its place and occupy it instead; to take the place of, supplant, ‘replace.’

The Art History Graduate Student Union at Binghamton University invites submissions from any historical or disciplinary approach that consider the subject of the placement and/or displacement (of knowledge, people, groups, and objects) for the 21st Annual Crossing the Boundaries Conference.  Propelled by a longstanding commitment to bring forth exceptional critical research, this year’s conference aims to investigate shifts and transformations in global societies, while aspiring to position them in a historical perspective. Specifically, we aim to consider how technologies, migration, archiving and visibility are not only utilized by and incorporated into apparatuses of power, but also how they have been (re)presented, understood and conceptualized from pre-modern eras to the present day. Current civic and international disputes warrant an investigation of historical gatherings, modes of circulation and dissemination vis-à-vis the politics and mechanism of the visual (whether of the photographic image, technologies of surveillance, portraiture and so forth) and their possible appropriation into practices of governance.

Potential topics might include (but are not limited to):

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Crossing the Boundaries: Past Conferences

In 2013, Crossing the Boundaries will celebrate its 21st year of graduate interdisciplinary conferences, organized by the art history department of Binghamton University.

We invite you to browse through our past conferences, beginning with Conflict, held in 2011, by clicking here.

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